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Fast order system

Thanks to the fast order system, you can instantly place an order at the price you want with a single click, regardless of the rate of change in prices.

High Liquidity

Thanks to high liquidity, it is less affected by price volatility and transactions between buyers and sellers are more healthy.

Best user experience

It is important to us that our users have a good experience. Coinsate is with you with its advanced interface, live support and other services!

Cold Wallet

Your investments stored in our cold wallets are safely protected. 4-2FA Protection: Thanks to the 2FA protection system, your accounts are protected from third parties and the security of your investments increases.

2FA Protection

Thanks to the 2FA protection system, your accounts are protected from third parties and the security of your investments increases.

High security

Coinsate places great emphasis on high security. Our infrastructure, established with high-end technologies, protects your investments.

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It's actually similar to your story in our story. We are all on a journey and determine how long we will reach our destination point on these trips. We would like to accompany you on this journey where you will reach your dreams!


Principle association established for Coinsate project.

Proof of Concept

Coinsate founders created the topology over the architecture and basic functions.

Pre Launch

Our cryptocurrency exchange started soft-launch.

NFT Launch

Coinsate NFT Launched and its sales started.


Coinsate started developing cryptocurrency exchange projects. It is working to open branches abroad.